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SPEA Engineering S.p.A. has a longstanding reputation as Italy’s number one road engineering consulting firm.
This leading position is the result of the expertise and know how of our human resources, our financial capacity and operating experience, built up in over 50 years of providing all-round infrastructure design, construction and operation services, from feasibility studies to socio-environmental monitoring.
Every day we build on this bedrock of experience, which visually translates into thouands of kilometres of built roads, designing new infrastructure, or refurbishing and renovating existing ones, based on the multidisciplinary management of our projects, with a focus – in the various development phases – on minimising environmental impact, through a broad range of solutions for noise abatement, cycle paths, etc..
Our experts are constantly engaged in researching innovative and complete engineering solutions for our clients.
This is why, at Spea Engineering, we are committed to further expanding our know how, despite having reached levels of excellence in the design of bridges, viaducts and tunnels, in geotechnics and surface superstructures, besides transport and traffic planning, road safety and vehicle flow monitoring systems.