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Tunnelling activities require the use of state-of-the-art complex technology and is subject to a large number of variables, depending on the geological nature of the terrain.
In this field, SPEA Engineering S.p.A. has far-reaching expertise in the application of both traditional and innovative tunnelling techniques, for the construction of tunnels, normally with average cross-sections of 200 m2.
In particular, at SPEA Engineering we have consolidated experience in the use of TBMs (Tunnel-Boring machines), with regard to both design and site supervision activities. TBMs are machines used to bore large-sized tunnels in different types of soils and rocks.
Thanks to the many projects undertaken by us in this field, we have developed unique know how that ensures that we can identify the best solutions for each project depending on the geotechnical and geomechanical characteristics of the ground, the optimisation of construction times and costs, the project lifecycle and compliance with the applicable safety standards.
Furthermore, at SPEA Engineering S.p.A. we have specific know how of a unique and exclusive technology, developed to enlarge existing tunnels without stopping vehicle traffic, called the “Nazzano Method’’.