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Road Safety

The engineers at SPEA Engineering S.p.A. have developed motorway engineering services in Italy and abroad and accumulated an in-depth knowledge of and experience in the application of international design procedures, adopting the best practices in the field of road network design.
SPEA Engineering also collaborates, on an ongoing basis, with the national entites and associations responsible for developing innovative road safety assessment and management procedures.
In particular, the company is engaged in conducting research work aimed at improving tunnel safety on most of the major Italian motorways (e.g. Milan-Naples and  Monte Bianco Tunnel).
These activities have enabled SPEA Engineering to develop a specific “safety design” strategy, for improving the safety of tunnel users, including warning signs in the proximity of the tunnels.
In order to achieve the highest levels of safety of its road and motorway infrastructures, SPEA Engineering is constantly engaged in researching and applying the most innovative solutions, adopting cutting-edge engineering devices, within the framework of a global concept of road safety.
Our engineers also provide consultancy with regard to in-crash safety, accident analysis and road safety monitoring.