Preparation of Main Design for Heavy Maintenance (Road Rehabilitation-Upgrading) of the State Road IB 35

Project Data

Country: Serbia
Location within country: n.a.
Name of Client: Roads of Serbia

  • Management and technical supervision
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Social Safeguard Requirements
  • Detailed Construction Design
  • Reporting


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The objective is to prepare the technical documents in form of the Detailed Design for Heavy Maintenance , which would ensure: an increase of usability value and durability of road, improvement of traffic safety, incorporation of requirements of local community (social aspect) and compliance of requirements for environmental protection to the greatest possible extent under conditions of spatial limitations (context of the section) and limitations that result from the type of allowed construction and traffic interventions (legal grounds).

The subject section from Kladovo – Brza Palanka in length of 23.565 km, which belongs to the lB class state road no. 14 and is located between Hydropower plant flerdap 1 and Zajecar (old road marking M-25), represents the part of the Project planned mby Business Plan for 2015. In order to successfully complete the requested assignment, the Consultant will prepare and deliver to the Client the following results:

Volume 1: Detailed construction design for heavy road maintenance

Volume 2: Detailed Design for Geodetic Surveying

Volume 3: Study on Engineering, Geological and Geotechnical Surveys

Volume 4: Detailed pavement design

Volume 5: Detailed design for structures

Volume 6: Detailed design of traffic signage

Volume 7: Report on Traffic Safety Analysis

Volume 8: Economic Analysis

Volume 9: Design for traffic management during Works performance