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The masterplanning activities of SPEA Engineering S.p.A., for new transportation, road/motorway and airport infrastructures, are based on a multidisciplinary approach, aimed at identifying integrated and sustainable solutions, capable of effectively meeting the needs of our public and private sector clients​​.
The development of a Master Plan comprises: multi-modal analysis and environmental studies, in both urban and rural environments, thorough investigation and survey work of the sites concerned and the evaluation of the “demand/capacity” requirements of the proposed infrastructure.
Our primary objective at SPEA Engineering S.p.A. is to deliver transportation development models with a high added value and strategies for effectively sustaining  their implementation.
The Company’s experts can draw on vast expertise in the development of motorway and airport masterplanning and sustainable development strategies, the study of intermodal solutions and environmental analysis.
In this field, SPEA Engineering S.p.A. offers the following services:

  • Development Plans and Structural Plans;
  • Road transport and airport demand forecasting and infrastructure capacity planning;
  • Transportation network and system modelling;
  • Dynamic modelling of vehicle and airport traffic;
  • Multi-modal analyses;
  • Transport system strategies and policies;
  • Benchmarking;
  • Transport system management and operating analyses..