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Concept / Feasibility Study / CBA

The core business of SPEA Engineering S.p.A. is managing motorway and airport construction projects and carrying out environmental studies.
In respect of these activities, our “tool” to ensure the best environmental and social integration of the new infrastructure with the values and expectations of the local communities is to develop and compare different solutions and then choose the most suited.
This need is part and parcel of the mission of motorway and airport concession companies, with which SPEA Engineering S.p.A. collaborates in close partnership, right from its establishment, also sharing their objectives and aims.
Our project development processes are constantly based on the wealth of experience accumulated over the years, from feasibility studies to site supervision, monitoring and maintenance.
Every road or airport project developed by SPEA Engineering generally features a traffic study and cost-benefit analysis, like those developed for the new flight infrastructure at Fiumicino airport.
In the motorway sector, we have often developed ad hoc studies on toll systems, to assess user approval ratings.
Our most recent examples are the A12 ‘’Livorno-Civitavecchia’’ Motorway, part of the so-called ‘”Tyrrhenian Corridor, in the Centre-South of Italy, for which we have developed a free-flow toll system, calibrated on local users, and the ’EcoMuv’’ project in France, consisting in the development and implementation of a new toll system for heavy goods vehicles, a the “eco-tax”.
SPEA Engineering has also consolidated experience in mountain infrastructure projects, such as the upgrading of the Appennine crossing of the “A1 Milan-Naples’’ Motorway, between Bologna and Florence, known as the “Variante di Valico”.