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SPEA Engineering is Italy’s number one road engineering company and one of the top-ranking companies in airport engineering. This position of primacy is due to the levels of excellence achieved by our human resources, equipment, market share and strategy, in Italy and internationally, financial capacity, know how and longstanding experience.
The 50-year success story of SPEA Engineering in the road engineering sector is an outstanding example of the wealth of skills and experience we have built up in the entire lifecycle of road infrastructure: from feasibility studies to site supervision, including environmental and social monitoring.
Over the years, we have integrated our historical core mission of road engineering with the vast experience gained in the field of airport engineering, since 1986, which has now become an integral part of the core business SPEA Engineering, as testified by the thousands of kilometres of road infrastructure realised and the numerous airport terminal and flight infrastructure projects completed: our achievements and accomplishments are the greatest value we can offer our clients.
In road engineering, we deliver a comprehensive range of feasibility studies and designs for new infrastructure or for upgrading and improving existing infrastructure, from motorways to local roads, with a special focus on motorway connecting roads.
In airport engineering, we deliver specialist engineering services in all fields, such as foresight analysis and capacity dimensioning, aeronautical studies and master plans, the planning and design of passenger/cargo terminals and ancillary infrastructure, to special airport systems.
At SPEA Engineering we can achieve all of this thanks to a professional staff of highly qualified engineers, from all disciplines, architects, landscape designers and transport economists, working alongside experts in motorway and airport concessions and international contracts, all motivated to ensure full customer satisfaction.
We are experts in the use of cutting-edge best-performing international design procedures and latest-generation hardware and software, while the teamwork and pooling of knowledge and expertise of our human resources ensures that we deliver consistently improved results. Full customer satisfaction, in fact, is the chief aim of SPEA Engineering, and thanks to our considerable experience we have all it takes to deliver added value to contracting authorities and improve budget effectiveness.