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SPEA Engineering S.p.A. has built up a vast experience in preparing environmental and social impact studies, in connection with large-scale motorway and airport construction projects.
Besides the usual ‘’ex-ante’’ assessments, at SPEA Engineering we have set up a dedicated unit for monitoring the social impact of our projects, for the purpose of providing the local, provincial, regional, etc. authorities with a complete set of information for thoroughly assessing the potential changes that the new – motorway or airport – infrastructure can bring to the socio-economic balance of the areas concerned.
This project monitoring unit also serves the purpose of achieving other specific goals, as outlined below:

  • identifying the opportunities and constraints brought by the infrastructure;
  • identifying and removing any project components capable of producing a potentially negative social impact on the communities concerned;
  • collecting and disseminating information of an environmental and socio-economic nature, based on the data collected through monitoring units, among the local authorities, the communities and the stakeholders, for the purpose of setting up a constant institutional communication channel between all parties, and promptly and effectively identifying and solving any criticalities.