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Traffic studies and socio/economic assessments

At SPEA Engineering, we carry out traffic and socio-economic analysis for each new road or motorway project.
These traffic engineering activities cross the entire lifecycle of the infrastructures and are guaranteed by highly-qualified human resources, consisting of transport analysts and modelling, economic assessment and urban planning experts.
Our experts and the availability of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment represent an “added value” for SPEA Engineering, enabling us to constantly check and compare the input data and the design outputs and deliverables. Our transportation analysis produces the input data for the following socio-economic assessments, feasibility studies and environmental analyses, with respect to road and surface superstructure designs, road safety devices and signage.
These activities are assisted by dedicated software on the company’s IT platform, such as Cube, Aimsun (micro-simulation models), HCM 2000-2010 and Setrà (service level analysis), Autotrack (vehicle route analyses), ArcGIS (spatial mapping/analysis), R (statistical analyses). We also have a range of data collection devices (radars, distance measurement devices, videorecorders, etc.).
The services supplied by SPEA Engineering S.p.A. in this specialist field include:

  • Traffic studies for Cost-Benefit Analyses, Environmental Analyses and financial plans;
  • Travel/route simulation
  • Distribution Models: Regression, Cross-Category, Gravity and discrete choice demand models;
  • Transportation plans;
  • Traffic and toll profit forecasting;
  • Modal split Models: discrete choice models;
  • Attribution models: private and public;
  • Transportation demand forecasts;
  • Micro-simulation models;
  • Service level analyses;
  • Vehicle route and occupied space analyses;
  • Analysis and design of roundabouts;
  • Design optimisation;
  • Spatial mapping and analysis;
  • Smart transport systems.