Nyabugogo Catchment Study in Kigali

Project Data

Country: Rwanda
Location within country: Kigali
Name of Client: Ministry of Finances and Economy

  • Surveys activities
  • Review and evaluate the proposed urban development planning/ undergoing studies
  • Review and evaluate transport studies/master plans and road infrastructure planning
  • Study of strategic options for future roads infrastructures development
  • Detailed design with cost-estimate and technical plans for the hydraulic interventions urgent securing measures to protect against floods
  • Detailed design of 5 intersections
  • Tender Documents
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The purpose of this work is to provide integrated designs to better plan for sustainable development of the Nyabugogo area (Kigali) with improved land use, traffic conditions, and better protection against the effects of floods.

The study is divided into 3 main components:

  • Hydraulics and hydrology: it will be mostly concentrated on performing the design of urgent securing measures to protect against floods.
  • Urban design: the purpose of the study is focused on medium and long term planning for which the consultant will make different proposal in the order to guide the decision maker towards the best option.
  • Transport and Road Infrastructures: the objectives of this component are both to study short term measures to improve traffic conditions as well as to perform a comparative study between two different network layouts for the medium and long term scenario.