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Work Supervision

At Spea Engineering S.p.A. we deliver a comprehensive range of work supervision services, including engineering, accounting and administrative coordination aspects, with a special focus on the supervision and control of construction work, to ensure the proper completion of projects, in compliance with both the contractor’s obligations to the contracting authority and the applicable standards and regulations.
We have built up a significant experience in the work supervision of large-scale road construction contracts, even in excess of 100 m/€ per kilometre, which frequently occurs in the case of complex infrastructure requiring the construction of bridges, viaducts and tunnels or in the case of environmental mitigation and geotechnical consolidation works.
Spea Engineering also has the specific work supervision know how for airport engineering projects, in particular, with regard to the construction of flight infrastructure and passenger terminals. These projects – whether regarding the runways or the terminals – almost always require construction without interruption  of operations.
All airport construction works are subject to specific safety and security regulations, issued by national and international entities, which we have a full understanding of and which we undertake to observe and comply with.
Spea Engineering has dedicated engineering offices for this purpose, at its central headquarters, and works in partnership with our design department, which provides support to the work supervision activities on the ground for the entire construction period. This partnership ensures the possibility of constantly improving the project methods adopted by the work supervision staff, based on the design department’s know how, thus adding value to the quality of our overall services.
At Spea Engineering we also carry out research and development work, testing new technologies and materials, such as, for example, porous asphalt (which has been adopted, in Italy, for paving most motorways), the reutilisation of milling materials, the development of cold recycling using bitumen emulsion, modified bitumen with cement for the base layer, to the perfectioning of calculation methods founded on the effective performance of the employed materials.