Spea Engineering S.p.A.

SPEA Engineering S.p.A., an Atlantia Group subsidiary, has over 50 years experience in the delivery of integrated engineering services for transport infrastructure, including roads and motorways, airports and railways and car parking systems.
Our over 500 experts offer consulting services, with respect to feasibility studies, designs, construction site supervision and project management, monitoring and maintenance, for both new infrastructure projects and developments and the refurbishment and extension of existing infrastructure, including safety upgrades.
SPEA Engineering, a global player with operations in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia, is definitely the ideal partner for providing all-round support and assistance throughout the lifecycle of transport infrastructures, from the planning and development of new projects, to construction and monitoring.
Our services include:

  • Transport feasibility studies and consulting;
  • Asset Management and Value Engineering;
  • Land management and Environmental Impact Reports;
  • Design and project management of motorway infrastructure and airport airside facilities;
  • Functional dimensioning, architectural development and integrated design of Passenger Terminal and airport buildings;
  • Tolling systems advisory and design services;
  • Motorway and airport infrastructure management;
  • Road safety control services.