Technical assistance in support to transport demand assistance for the Suez canal transport Interconnection with greater Cairo in Egypt

Project Data

Country: Egypt

Location within country: Cairo/Suez Canal

Name of Client: European Investment Bank (EIB)



Assessment of the actual and planned transport infrastructure supply

Freight demand assessment

Passenger demand assessment

Traffic modelling and forecasts

Scoping of potential scenarios

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The scope of this Assignment is to carry out a detailed assessment of the relevant trade patterns/corridors, traffic flows and infrastructure condition/status of the main transport links/nodes in the Suez Canal Economic Zone in relation with the Greater Cairo region.

Originally established under Law no. 83 of 2002, the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone) initiative has become one of the most promising economic development initiatives by the Arab Republic of Egypt, together with the expansion of the capacity of the Suez Canal by means of construction of a second 72 km long canal, completed in August 2015, and the enlargement of East Port Said (EPS).

After the completion of the canal expansion works designated an area of 178 square miles around the Suez Canal as a special economic zone. The SCZone is conceived as an innovative and self-sustaining industrial development corridor that will transform 461 square kilometres of land and six maritime ports strategically located along one of the world’s main trading routes into an international commercial hub.