Roads surveys of the entire Montenegrin network

10 May 2018

On the 6th of May, 2018, in the framework of the project “Development of a Road Database of Montenegro”, a road inventory survey of the Montenegrin road network has started.  Main beneficiary of the project is Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs i.e. Traffic directorate as end recipient.

The project, financed by the EU, kicked off in December 2017, for a 12 months implementation period, and includes the collection and processing of data on all trunk and regional roads, for a total length of 1783 km.

A high-quality and high-speed measuring equipment, with minimal disturbance to vehicular circulation, is provided for this scope by the Contractor, a Joint Venture between Spea ENGINEERING S.p.A. and Progetti e Servizi S.r.l..

The acquisition vehicle, handled form Italy, due to the advanced systems installed on-board, will perform a comprehensive data collection of the pavement conditions, including road geometry, pavement surface damages, roughness, macro-texture and rut depth. The digital cameras mounted on the vehicle will collect referenced video frames for a road traffic inventory: traffic signs; objects on the road; equipment; drainage systems; facilities and tools. A unique reference system of the entire network will be defined. The average speed of the survey vehicle is about 80 km/day.

The comprehensive data collection is contingent on the creation of a computerized management system of the national road network. The Contractor will provide and handover to the end recipient of this project, the Traffic Directorate , operational road database (RDB) and functional Pavement Maintenance and Management System (PMMS) which will enable the responsible Montenegro professionals to make decisions and actions in terms of necessary construction, reconstruction, maintenance and protection of the state roads.