Consultancy services for feasibility, technical and economic studies and Preliminary Engineering Design and preparation of tender documents for the Expressway Kigali-Bugesera International Airport

Project Data

Country: Rwanda
Location within country: Kigali
Name of Client: Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA)
Time frame:  ongoing
Works amount: n.a.

  • Route selection of new Kigali- Bugesera Airport as an Expressway
  • Feasibility study, including Preliminary Design,
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ElA) and mitigation plan;
  • Preparation of Bidding documents;
  • Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).
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The consultant will Investigate and determine the technical and economic feasibility, the environmental and social impacts, and prepare Preliminary Engineering designs and bidding documents.

The studies will use a participatory approach involving all stakeholders during the implementation. The Consultant shall review the social impact of the project on the quality of life of the people resulting from the works.

  • Sensitize stakeholders, in particular government decision-makers but also the public, on the environmental, social and economic benefits of investing  road infrastructure
  • Demonstrate the multiple benefits of a better clean environment, quality of life, safety, accessibility and development.