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Technical Assistance and Training to Support the Management and Maintenance of the Magistral (M) Road Network

18 January 2018

SPEA will support Azeravtoyol OJSC, the Motorway Management (Maintenance) Unit (MMU) and the seven Regional Maintenance Units (RMUs) in the implementation of the reforms/reorganisation of the M road maintenance and operation system in accordance with the design of the relevant component of the Third Highway Project.

SPEA activities will ensure:

  • Reforms in organisation, strategy and safe working practices for the maintenance of Azerbaijan’s M road network;
  • An operational MMU capable of defining maintenance needs, managing the delivery of maintenance through the RMUs and the preparation of annual business plans and rolling maintenance budgets as part of a road asset management system;
  • The development of efficient and sustainable RMUs as business entities with an organization for financing, accounting, staffing, facilities, equipment, quality, safety, communication and business development;
  • The establishment and functioning of Service Level Agreements;
  • The establishment of a system for monitoring the M road network condition, usage and maintenance management;
  • The development of an internal and external communication strategy.