Madagascar – Study for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the suspension bridge Kamoro along the highway nr. 4

20 May 2014

May 2014, Madagascar

SPEA has been awarded the contract by World Bank and Autorité Routière de Madagascar for the study of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the suspension Kamoro bridge at km 406 +300 of the highway nr. 4. The service also includes the management, control and monitoring of related construction work . The 307.5 m long bridge will allow the connection between the five regions of Analamanga , Betsiboka , Boeny , Sofia and Diana.

The main objectives of the Project are :
A: improve the effectiveness and quality of movement of goods and people
B: ensure the continuity of traffic on National Highway nr.4

The service is divided into two phases:

Phase A
– Detailed control over each element of the bridge;
– Elaboration of the necessary additional studies;
– Preliminary and detailed design;
– BOQ and cost engineering;
– Tender Documents.

Phase B -Management, control and supervision of rehabilitation works – Management of construction contract – Assistance during the defect notification period.

Financing Authority: World Bank
Name of Client: Routière Autorité de Madagascar
Beneficiary: Ministère des Travaux Publics et de la Météorologie