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BIM Certification

03 October 2019

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been made mandatory for public contracting authorities with the Ministerial Decree 560/2017 for all those projects with a work sum exceeding € 100 million already in 2019. From the 1st of January 2020, the obligation will be extended to all the projects with an amount higher than € 50 million, up to the requirements to call BIM tenders for the construction or rehabilitation for any type of public works starting from the 2025.

Spea Engineering has been following and understanding the evolution of this specific sector with investments in the field of new technologies and the adoption of qualified staff as BIM experts for the information processes digital management for civil constructions according to the standard 11337-7 entered into force on the 13th of December 2018

Danilo Milia, Francesco Rizzelli, Roberto Roncoroni and Giada Tutino passed the exam at the independent certified body ICMQ that certified the knowledge, skill and competence of the professional figures involved in the information management and modeling.

Such requirements are identified through the allocation of responsibilities and specific activities carried out by the qualified figure, according to the European framework of the EQF qualifications (Recommendation 2008 / C111 / 01).

The certification allows all the technicians already working in the BIM sector to attest their competence in relation to the standard governing the professional profile of BIM operators. Three certified professional profiles are found within Spea:

BIM Specialist: the information modeling operator, qualified in particular disciplines (architectural, structural, plant engineering) and specialized in the use of software dedicated to modeling and production of documents for a specific contract.

BIM coordinator: the coordinator of the information system and of the BIM Specialist team of the company; he acts as guarantee of the efficiency and effectiveness of the digitized processes for a specific contract.

BIM Manager: the manager of the digitized processes at the organization level; he is responsible of the general supervision for the company contracts.

The certification will represent for Spea Engineering a means for guaranteeing the supply chain operators (clients, suppliers, companies) respect to the performance of activities in compliance with the criteria recognized and approved by an independent third-party certification body. It will allow Spea to:

  • guarantee an effective experience and competence according to the profile defined by the standard;
  • qualify its offer on the market, distinguishing itself from competitors;
  • acquire more points in the tender evaluation procedure;
  • promote its competence through the public register of an accredited certification body;
  • obtain the normative acknowledgment pursuant to Law 4/2013 through the Accredia approval.


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