Spea do Brasil Projetos e Infra Estrutura

Spea has set a permanent presence in Brazil since 2012, with the goal of developing the local and the South American markets in a direct way.

Spea do Brasil Projetos e Infra Estrutura Ltda was founded as an engineering company designed to reflect the skills of Spea in the growing Brazilian market and to apply in the fastest and most effective way the experiences of the company to the potential local infrastructural development projects (roads, highways, railways, subways, airports).

Today, in São Paulo there is a technical and commercial presence of Spea representatives, able to manage any possible problem related to sectors and expertise dealt by Spea, giving quick answers on smaller projects or organizing the resources needed for larger projects and constantly scouting the most interesting initiatives to promote corporate references (both national or international tender). Spea do Brasil Projetos e Infra Estrutura Ltda qualified technicians can constantly access the know how of Spea Engineering S.p.A. both through remote support and with additional on site experts sent for specific tasks.

Since its inception, Spea do Brasil Projetos e Infra Estrutura Ltda has been involved on value engineering and works supervision activities, supporting AB Concessões in the development of their investments and creating contacts and partnerships with other local partners.

The activities undertaken include Lender’s Engineer services for the construction of the East Branch of the Mario Covas Rodoanel of São Paulo and design reviews consultancy related to the investment programs of motorway concessions “Triangulo do Sol”, “Tietê” and “Colinas” in the State of São Paulo and “Nascentes das Gerais” in the State of Minas Gerais.

Spea do Brasil Projetos e Infra Estrutura Ltda activities are not limited to its presence in Brazil but also look at developing partnerships and new businesses in other South American Countries, both through synergies with local partners (Brazilians, Peruvians, Colombians ..) or through independent initiatives.

The São Paulo office is aimed to be the reference base that Spea wants to develop in a rapidly growing environment and where to transfer the expertise gained in more than fifty years of working experience.


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